Mozilla’s Firefox OS Dev Units Are Now Available

It was revealed last week that the Firefox OS dev units from Geeksphone would finally be shipping after missing their originally planned launch in February. Now the phones are available, but you’re still going to have to wait.

Engadget reports that both the Keon and Peak Firefox OS dev units are now available from the Geeksphone online store. The Keon will cost you $119 and the Peak goes for $194. The phones may be cheap, but good luck actually buying one. Geeksphone’s online store has been taken offline because of incredible demand, or unplanned maintenance. It’s hard to say at this point.

Maybe you should reacquaint yourself with the Firefox OS hardware while you wait for the store to go back up. First up, the Keon is the budget phone that Mozilla plans to get into the hands of as many people as possible in developing countries. For $119, you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, 3.5-inch display, and 512MB of RAM. The slightly more expensive Peak has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 4.3-inch display, and 512MB of RAM.

Both devices will be able to connect to either 2G or 3G networks. Both also come unlocked so you can add it whatever carrier you like.

The site should be available again later today if you really want to get your hands on the first Firefox OS dev units. We’ll update this story once the site is available again. If you find yourself unable to wait, however, you can always install Firefox OS on one of Sony’s Xperia E smartphones.


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