Mozilla Releases Stable Build Of Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

In March, Firefox released a preview of the latest Firefox OS Simulator. Some developers may not have jumped on board for fear of it being an unstable preview build, but that fear is no longer valid as the stable build is now live.

Mozilla announced last week that Firefox OS Simulator version 3.0 is now available to all as a stable release. The original preview from March added features like push to device, rotation simulation, basic geolocation API simulation, manifest validation and more. The new stable build includes all of the above features, plus some new ones:

  • Keyboard shortcut to repackage/reinstall/restart the current app – drastically improving workflow speed, especially for packaged apps
  • Significantly reduced download/installation size of the Firefox OS Simulator
  • Faster start time (partly due to above with smaller size)
  • Much newer versions of Firefox OS and Gaia
  • General bug fixes, making it more functional and reliable
  • OS-standard ways in the menu to close the Simulator, with corresponding keyboard shortcuts (Alt + F4 on Windows, Cmd + Q on Mac, Ctrl + Q on Linux)

With this new release, Mozilla has also decided to revamp its Firefox OS Simulator documentation. You can take a look at that here. While you’re at it, you should also check out the Firefox OS Simulator walkthrough example for some tips and tricks.

If you have yet to start developing for Firefox OS, you can grab the latest stable build of the Simulator at the Firefox add-ons Web site.


By Zach Walton

Zach Walton is a Writer for WebProNews. He specializes in gaming and technology. Google+

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