Mother Nature Artistic Wallpaper Design

In this tutorial I will show you easy techniques to make an artistic mother nature design wallpaper in photoshop.

First you need to prepare for your wallpaper by gathering all the images you want to use in the document. So here are the images I am using.

Next prepare the images for use by removing the background in these images or cut the objects out so they can be easily used.

None of these images have to be cutout perfectly so use your magic wand tool on all of them except for the girl making the weird pose. On that image I am going to zoom in really close and cut her out with the pen tool. You could use a layer mask but I am personally more accurate with the pen tool.

Place your cut out female on your canvas and size it down to the size you want.

Next hit ctrl+L on your keyboard to adjust the levels or go to images>>adjustments>>levels. Use these settings

Now she should look like a silhouette.

I wanted to place her on the screen first so we can gauge where to put our hill
for her to stand on.

So grab the elliptical shape tool and keep black as your color. In a new layer make a rounded hill across the bottom of the canvas

Create a new layer above that and grab your grass brush

My brush size is 134px and just make grass on the top portion of the hill. Then use your levels to make it all black again.

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