More Hints Of New iPhone OS Surface

If you didn’t already believe that a new version of the iPhone OS is on its way, a couple more things have happened that might help convince you.  Namely: part of the Apple Developer Connection site went down, and Apple’s iPhone developer agreement was temporarily updated.

It seems that the site accessibility issue cropped up this morning, and since Apple’s ordinarily able to keep its sites in working order, this could signal that someone was tinkering with it, preparing for a major change of some sort.

As for the other hint, an AppleInsider article stated, “On Tuesday, Apple mistakenly updated its iPhone developer agreement with a placeholder referencing Wednesday’s new product unveiling.  The fact that changes would need to be made to the iPhone developer agreement could hint that a new version of the iPhone OS will be unveiled by Apple today.  The placeholder read: ‘Need to update this for the 27th launch.'”

So iPhone developers should definitely listen to Steve Jobs’s upcoming speech if by some chance they weren’t planning to already.

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By Doug Caverly

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