Modalbox – User friendly Pop-Up and Wizards

ModalBox Demo

ModalBox is a JavaScript technique for creating modern (Web 2.0-style) modal dialogs or even wizards (sequences of dialogs) without using conventional popups and page reloads. It’s inspired by Mac OS X modal dialogs. And yes, it may also be useful for showing larger versions of images. 🙂

ModalBox is built with pure JavaScript and is based on Sam Stephenson’s excellent Prototype JavaScript Framework, and valid XHTML/CSS. ModalBox uses AJAX to load content.

That’s the blurb and I have to agree with it. Modalbox is nothing short of stunning. In 10 minutes I was ‘mashing it up’ with SPRY Datasets, creating a really amazing way to display a Database. I’ll be releasing the ‘Mash-Up’ later this week, so stay tuned.

It’s very easy to customize and works in all popular browsers. It runs better in FF, IE is a lot more fussy about usage. You could use this for countless things, Log In Boxes and Site Tours seem the most obvious followed by a Contact Form.

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