Millennial Media Finds Android, iOS Tied In Terms Of Impressions

Developers who are interested in making apps for the largest number of potential users would do well to consult the latest report from Millennial Media.  Millennial Media measured the smartphone OS mix according to impressions in November, and came up with some results that favor the idea of covering one’s bases.

No single operating system really took the lead.  Instead, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS tied for first place, with each securing a market share of 38 percent.  Of course, Google fans will be quick to note that more Android phones will launch as the iPhone 4 just ages, but no one can say for sure how much that will change the situation.

Plus, rumor has it that the iPad 2 is on the way, and if white iPhone 4s are ever released, they could trigger another bump favoring Apple’s iOS.

Anyway, Millennial Media found that RIM OS came in third place in November with a share of 19 percent, which isn’t bad.

Then Windows OS and Symbian tied for fourth place with two percent each, and the always-last “Other” category got just one percent of the pie.

So developers should perhaps devote equal attention to Android and iOS for the moment, while not forgetting about RIM OS if there’s any time left over.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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