Microsoft Releases MultiPoint SDK

Microsoft has introduced two new solutions based on its MultiPoint platform.

The new Windows MultiPoint Mouse Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.5 will allow software developers to create interactive applications that enable up to 25 students, each with their own mouse, to use a single PC at the same time.

Also introduced was Microsoft Mouse Mischief, a MultiPoint-enabled tool that teachers can use to create interactive PowerPoint classroom presentations.

The two solutions are aimed at helping schools get the most from shared computer resources, says Ira Snyder, general manager of Microsoft’s Startup Business Group.

“Around the world, most PCs in the educational environment are shared,” Snyder says. “Our focus is on making technology accessible and affordable to as large a number of students as possible, and Windows MultiPoint SDK 1.5 and Mouse Mischief will help us deliver on that.”

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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