Microsoft Provides Developers a Sneak Peak at IE for Windows 10

Microsoft launched a technical preview of Windows 10, and with that comes some updates to Internet Explorer.

You can only use the preview at this point if you’re in the WIndows Insider Program, but the company gave developers a glimpse today. It includes the launch of the Internet Explorer Platform Suggestion Box to give feature suggestions.

The preview also includes support for new the HTTP/2 networking protocol.

“HTTP/2 builds on our experience delivering SPDY/3 support in IE11 and enables improved performance on the Web using techniques including multiplexing, header compression and Server Push,” Microsoft says.

It also includes performance updates in the Chakra JavaScript engine.

The company explains, “The changes include streamlining of Chakra’s execution pipeline to deliver faster startup, optimizations in Chakra’s Just-in-Time compiler to increase script execution throughput, and enhancements to Chakra’s Garbage Collection subsystem to deliver better UI responsiveness for apps and sites.”

Microsoft discusses all of this and more (including more detail on the suggestion box) here.

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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.