Microsoft Highlights Open Source, HTML5, and JavaScript at MIX11

I was right. Oh, those words sound so sweet. I seldom get to say those words, seeing how I live with an amazing, beautiful, and perfect wife. But luckily, she does not follow anything related to Microsoft or ASP .NET. I do, however, and my random ASP .NET musings over the past few months have appeared to come right out of the pages of a confidential Redmond strategy document. Well, maybe nothing I said was that secretive or life-changing, but I was spot on about Microsoft’s focus on HTML5, their desire to repair years of damaged reputation, and a focus to cure the ASP .NET developer’s disease by integrating with existing and popular tools. Okay, I’m done patting myself on the back, so let’s discuss the highlights of MIX11.

Out of the gate, the Day 1 Keynote opened with a nicely edited video talking about all the progress that Microsoft has made in the web world the last year, mainly focusing on IE 9’s “success”. Microsoft VP Dean Hachamovitch drove the importance of IE 9 home throughout his speech:

The sites that you visit, and the sites that you write are better when your browser runs them natively. Every library, every layer, every abstraction between your site and the device challenge performance, reliability and the overall experience. Native experiences are the best experiences. Web experiences are the most important experiences. The only native experience of the web of HTML5 is with Windows 7 on IE9.

Although highlighting the great success of IE 9’s native capabilities, Microsoft certainly placed considerable focus on its progress in supporting other non-Microsoft products. Likely the biggest surprise for me on the list of sessions was on Mono, the cross platform open source .NET development framework. You can browse and watch the full list of sessions from MIX11 here. Check them out, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

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By Michael Marr

Michael Marr is a staff writer for WebProNews

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