Microsoft Encourages Employees To Develop Windows Phone 7 Apps

A suggestion for developers who have close ties to Windows Phone 7: take a deep breath.  A significant change is occurring that could see you facing stiff competition and/or enjoying the attention of a larger user base.

Anne Eisenberg reported over the weekend, “Microsoft has taken an unusual step.  It has relaxed a strict rule and will let employees moonlight in their spare time and keep the resulting intellectual property and most of the revenue, as long as that second job is writing apps for Windows Phone 7-based devices.”

Sounds scary, right?  After all, that means people who live and breathe Windows Phone 7 might start churning out apps that will vie for consumers’ attention.

It’s possible, though, that an increase in the number of available apps will generate new interest and bring more people to the Windows Phone 7 platform, which would be good for all developers.

It should be interesting to see what happens.  Of course, Microsoft employees might just choose to continue spending their evenings watching TV and relaxing, making all of this speculation moot.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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