Meta Tag Description at its full potential

Web Development and Meta Tags

I know people are tired of hearing these SEO tips and all, but this is useful and I’m pretty sure no one explains how to use the description in this way.

Maximum Google Meta Tag Description Characters

Yes thats right, Google has a maximum amount of characters that it displays on the search index. I been doing some studying and Google’s max characters is around 154-157. Even though this is Google’s maximum length, this will still be effective in other search engines also.

Effective Meta Tag Description

In order to have a pretty effective description you must use 2-3 of your most used keywords in your description at least twice, any more or any less will fail to get you high SERPS. Then again you got to make sure to get an effective description in under 157 characters, use as many characters as possible, but try to keep it to the maximum.

Meta Tag Description Dont’s

Do not use extra characters such as “….” or multiple spaces because it can hurt your ranking, because you lose those extra characters that you could have used to describe your website or an extra keyword that you could have used.

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