Messina Shows How XAuth Works

By now, you’ve probably heard about, the collaboration between Meebo and companies like Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc. If not, it’s an open platform for extending authenticated user services across the web.

On the Google Code blog, Google’s Open Web advocate Chris Messina shares some details about how it works from a technical perspective. He shows a snippet of Meebo’s XAuth page, where a user sees various logos. “When this page loaded, it requests the list of services that have been registered with XAuth by making an HTML5 window.postMessage request to,” he explains.

He goes on to explain what happens when a user clicks through to one of the linked demo pages, and when a user successfully authenticates. Take a look at Messina’s little rundown here.

There is more information about XAuth available here, as well as on this XAuth informational page.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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