Matias iRizer Portable Laptop Stand Review

If you’ve ever been in a hotel room, conference hall or school classroom and thought to yourself, “this sure is uncomfortable” – then Matias knows your pain. The iRizer portable laptop stand is designed to create an ergonomic workspace for a laptop, no matter where you are. Its slim enough to fit into the smallest of laptop bags and light enough to carry without any serious consideration, so it sounds like an excellent companion to the road warrior.

Matias iRizer Positions
Matias iRizer Positions

So how does it work? Very simply. The iRizer is made up of two pieces of thick, shiny black plastic. Using angled slots, you can adjust the angle at which it elevates your laptop without any time or effort. It is very easy to assemble and the simple design works to its advantage. The material used is very high quality and had no trouble holding the test notebooks, an Apple Macbook and a Lenovo Thinkpad. If you type while using the iRizer in a more steeply angled position, it does have a little bit of flex and bounce, but it is well controlled when considering the portable nature.  If you’re using an external keyboard and mouse, then the flex is not worth thinking about, as it won’t be evident.

There is not a whole lot more that can be said about the iRizer, because its a pretty straightforward (and somewhat ingenious) product that works as advertised and does so for a reasonable price. When you consider the fact that the MiniRizer is included (basically a tiny version of the iRizer for iPods and cell phones), its something of a bargain – especially if its saving you from years of carpal tunnel or arthritis.

A little bonus for the non-Mac users among us is that if you use a Tablet, this is an excellent way to display the screen-only when it is sitting on your desk. I greatly prefer using my Thinkpad swiveled around on the iRizer than when using it flat on the desk.

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