Making Realistic Wood!

For my first tutorial, I will show you how to make realistic wood! Its a very simple tutorial but has a great effect. So here we go.

Step 1 – Selecting the future wood!

For this tutorial, I will be making a wooden picture frame. I have opened a 250×350 document so far and selected the area that will become wood.


Step 2 – Adding Noise!

Now that you have selected the area, fill the space in with a light brown color. I usually use the hex code “AD7B33”. To put this hex code in, click on the Color Picker and at the bottom, you should see a # sign followed by some space to go to put the code in. After you have fill in the desired area, go Filter > Noise > Add Noise. If you don’t know where Filter is, look at File and go over 5 buttons. There you go.

After you have selected add noise, choose these settings and press “ok”.

Step 3 – Motion Blurrrr….

This step is pretty simple and basic. All you gave to do is go to Filter > Blur > Motion blur. Then choose these setting that I have provided in the picture below.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

Wow, that was simple! Now to add in a picture and your finished!

If you need any help with this tutorial, feel free to ask questions at our support forum.

– Cezary Kubel

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