Make Your Own Unique Sports Images

Change a regular sports photo into something special!

Open your image.

Now, cut out the entire image you wont be using. This can be done using the pen tool, eraser tool, and/or magic wand.

Go to blending options, check Color Overlay, and set the color to black.

I ended up deleting some of the top of the net, and fixing that part later.

To fix the top, I added a circle for the basketball, made the lines white (which I will smooth out and fix later), and added the top of the net, I just used the ellipse tool for this, and drew in some extra net lines with the brush tool.

Now go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient. Of course, you can do whatever colors you like however you like. These were my settings:

So it looks like this so far:

To make better basketball lines, instead of taking my pen tool and drawing them out myself, I found a picture of a cartoon basketball, deleted the orange parts with the magic wand tool, and did a color overlay to turn the black lines white. And there you have it, a perfectly smooth outline of the ball. I also lowered the opacity of that layer so its not as quite as bright.

Lets add a few more lighting effects. Select your silhouette layer, go to Layer > Add Layer Mask > Reveal All. Take a soft brush, whatever size you wish and lower the opacity. Brush on some light wherever you want.

You should have something similar to this:

Now, to do my lines on the sides, I first set my brush to just a pixel of 1, and a really dark blue. Next, I took my pen tool and made my lines. Then I clicked on the Path Selection tool right above the pen tool, and with my mouse I right clicked the line I just made. I went to Stroke Path, picked the brush, and checked the simulate pressure box.

I did this on the sides and one white line above the basketball.

Now I wanted to add text on the bottom. I needed to add some extra space to work on. To do this, go to Image > Canvas Size. I added a couple extra inches to the bottom:

I added my text. I used these text settings:

And I added a stroke and bevel and emboss.

And here is my final image:

You could also add a stroke:

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