Make An Out Of Bounds Photo

Learn how to make part your picture look like it is out of bounds of the frame.

Open your image.

Duplicate the background.

You can turn the original background off, or delete it, you wont need it.

Now, the next thing I did was cut out my parrot and copy him to a new later. You can use whatever tool you wish, lasso, pen, eraser, etc.

(I have the other layers turned off so you can see):

Now take your marquee tool and make a square around the part of the image you want to keep in the photo:

Now go to Select > Inverse > and Delete. This deletes the outside of the photo.

Now I am going to temporarily turn off my parrot layer. Go to your background that you just cropped. Go to Edit, Transform > Perspective and drag the arrows in:

Next, I took my layer with the parrot and made it slightly bigger and positioned it to cover the parrot in the background layer.

For the next part I put added a black background so you could see it better.

Add a drop shadow to your parrot:

Click on your background layer and add a stroke:

Next thing I did was take my blur tool and go around the edges of my parrot just to smooth things out a bit.

Now, you can leave it like this:

Or, you can make it look more like a Polaroid:

Duplicate your background layer.

Go to Blending Options and just add a white Color Overlay. Now, take that layer (make sure you send it to the back) and move it down just enough to make the bottom longer:

Here is the first one I did, just a different bird 🙂

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