Make a nice reflection effect!

You see all those reflections around everywhere and think, I want to know how to do that! But alas you don’t know how, this is why your most likely here. See what you’ll be creating! Reflection Image

First off, download this font here. Install it then start photoshop. Create a new document – 750px by 115px.

Set the background color to black. Insert a gradient layer. Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient.

Set the opacity of the layer to 25%

1. Select the font you just downloaded, select the size 48pt and type what ever text you want. Make it a nice green color such as: #96ff00

2. Make sure its roughly in the center but a bit higher to make room for the reflection. Now duplicate that layer. After you’ve done that set the text blending options of the original layer to these screenshots:

Pattern can be made here:

3. Select the duplicated layer, right click on the layer and click rasterize. Now hold CTRL and click the picture box in the layer. This selects all of that layer. Grab the transform tool and right click on the selected area and press ‘Free Transform’.

4. Now right click on the text while in free transform and click Flip Vertical. Nudge it down with the arrow keys so its below the text like this:

5. Enter the layer blending options. Set the fill opacity to 0% and then set these options:

6. All done! Make any adjusts you need. Make it brighter etc, experiment! Thats the key to learning in photoshop. Need help? Just comment!

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