Make a Creative Design Using Text and Stock Images

This tutorial will show you some easy ways to use text creatively in photoshop to create a unique magazine style image.

First I will start a new document at 540X800px.

Place text in the canvas like this:

First with the word GO I will drag my picture of the green light in behind the text.

Now cut out the image in the shape of the “GO” font.

TO do this hold down ctrl on your keyboard and click on the prview icon beside the GO

That will make a selection around the word Go

With the selection made around the word Go click on the green light image in your layer palette and copy and paste the selection back in.

I will do the same thing with the other font. For the “TO” I found an image of people diving on the coast.

And for “BEACH”

I wasn’t exactly sure what to use for “THE” so I just use a picture of some sand.

For the “STOP” I used a red light and the “WORKING” text I used a constuction worker walking away.

That is the basic concept, this can be used in many different ways I just wanted to give you the idea!

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