Make A Beautiful Zombie

Step 1 – Open up a document and make it a size that’s a bit bigger than the photo you’re working with. For this tutorial I’m using 400×300. Here’s the photo we will be zombifying. Almost seems wrong.

Zombie Step 1

Step 2 – Crop your photo until all you see the part you’ll be photoshopping. Next grab your lasso tool, and make an outline around the person. Then drag it to your black canvas.

Zombie Step 2

Step 3 – Now, we’re going to add an adjustment. Go to image>adjustments>Brightness/Contrast, and add these settings.

Zombie Step 3

Now, duplicate the layer. Set the new layer to ‘Hard Light’. Set the opacity to 50%. Then merge the layers together (CTRL+E). Ok, we’re going to set a filter for the newly merged layer. Go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask, and choose these settings.

Zombie Step 4

Step 4 – Ok, now is where the fun begins, and you can let your imagination run wild. First, do a google search for “crack”, and “blood” brushes. The crack brushes make for some good veins, and open sores. And of course the blood goes without saying.

Ok, for this step I’m going to show you brushes and techniques to use that come standard with Photoshop. Click on the brush button, and select a brush that has a fade around it, like this one. Change your foreground color to black.

Zombie Step 5

Make its diameter small enough to use under our girl’s eyes. Now create a new layer and draw in the dark circles under her eyes. Like all gorgeous zombies have. Zoom in as far as possible if you want to detail them in better.

Now, set the layer to ‘Overlay’, and its opacity to 54%. You should have this now.

Zombie Step 6

Step 5 – From here on out, I’m assuming you downloaded some crack, and blood brushes. First were going to give our zombie hottie some veins, and bite sores. Create a new layer, and click on the brush tool. First, we’re going to create a bite on her shoulder.

Find a brush in the one your palette, and create something like this. It will look better once we’ve added blood.

Zombie Step 7

Now we’re going to add some veins. You can really add these wherever you want. I’m going to spread this out evenly, and I think they are effective around the eye area. Ok, change the layer to ‘soft light’ and you should get something like this:

Zombie Step 8

Step 6 – Now we’re moving on to the most important part of any zombie picture….blood. Some say more is better, but I believe it’s about how it’s used. To make the bite look more authentic and fresh, touch that area up with some blood splatter.

Create a new layer.

Grab your splatter brush, and work the areas that you believe could use some blood. Ok, once you’ve done that add these blending options:

Inner Shadow – Color: #520000
Zombie Step 9

Zombie Step 10

Zombie Step 11

Ok, you should have something that looks like this. From here, it’s all up to you how you want to use your image. Here’s an ad type idea i came up with.

Zombie Step Final

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