Macbook Pro 17-Inch Is A Nice Upgrade

For those who’ve been waiting for the Macbook Pro line to evolve and improve, your day is finally here. The Macworld Expo keynote brought about a couple of key changes to Apple’s line of hardware and software. Easily, the biggest announcement was the Macbook Pro 17-inch unibody notebook.

It shares many similarities to its 15″ Macbook Pro brethren, with some significant upgrades though.  Easily, the biggest upgrade was the information released about the battery life of the 17″ Macbook. According to Apple, it’s the longest lasting notebook battery and will keep the Macbook Pro running for around 8 hours.  On top of the battery life, Apple informed us that the battery would last up to 1,000 charges before needing to be replaced.

Another significant upgrade for the 17″ behemoth is the screen itself.  It will run in 1920×1200 pixel resolution, which is significant for HD movie viewers. As this is the resolution that most HD movies are native in.

Barring these two upgrades, the Macbook Pro 17″ is much like its smaller 15″ brother. They are nice upgrades to be sure, but whether it’s worth $2799 is the real question.

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