Mac Upgrades Confirmed By Leaked Inventory List

A leaked inventory list may provide proof that Apple is preparing to launch sweeping updates to nearly the entire Mac lineup. There have been rumors for weeks that this was coming. Initial reports pointed to a retina display upgrade for the MacBook Pro, followed by a similar report for the MacBook Air and iMac. A report from this morning said that the Mac Pro was also on the upgrade list.

Now, AppleInsider and 9to5Mac have separately published a leaked list showing part numbers for a large number of new Macs. If this information is accurate, it proves that the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Pro are all getting upgrades and will be released around the same time (presumably sometime after Monday’s WWDC 2012 Apple keynote). You can check out the parts lists for yourself below. First is the one published by 9to5Mac. They claim to have been sitting on this one for awhile, because it includes information that could put their source’s job at risk. They only published it because AppleInsider did so first:

New Mac Parts List

The first image from AppleInsider appears to be a photocopy of the actual inventory list. The second is AI’s own table showing the likely hardware associated with each model number.

New Mac Parts List

New Mac Parts List

If this information is reliable, as seems likely, then it looks like Apple really is gearing up for a major overhaul of the Mac product line. Now all that’s really left to wonder about is what features these new Macs will have.


By Shaylin Clark

Shaylin Clark is a staff writer for WebProNews. Twitter: @stclark81, Google Plus: +Shaylin Clark