Long Term Project Planning – Part 1

Are you Victim of Bad Project Planning?

Well we all are, I once heard from a wise man, “You must get worse, before you get better.” Well this is completely true, in order for any web developer to succeed in this life you must fall off that cliff before you climb back up it. In my day I came to a point where I couldn’t complete projects the way I wanted to, either I had a client or I didn’t have enough time to finish what I wanted to be done. So I came up with a long term process to help web developers complete just about any project.

Step One: Develop Ideas

I always hated this part, right now I’m developing some software that I plan to start on at the end of the summer, this gives me 4 months to plan, and it doesn’t have to be consistent. Why? This helps let your brain flow, long term organization helps when you don’t have all the ideas for your project up front, but as the time passes you will get more ideas. Everyone surfs the internet and many projects people make are inherited from things they seen and wanted to improve of some sort. Now the more your surf the web, the more ideas that will come to you over time. No ones going to think of thousands of ideas off the top of their head without seeing something in advanced that inspired them to those ideas.

Pen & Paper

Get a note book, I buy them from my teacher all the time for 50 cents or get them from Wal-Mart or Target, fresh notebooks help you jot ideas down quick. I feel this is much more easier to do because you have a lot of room and a computer is as good, but who likes looking at that screen all day? Computers alone don’t allow you to brain storm using word webs and what not( there might be software, but then again you have to install software), its very easy to create a page with a circle and fill the page with random ideas that goes with what you want your project to do.

Organization isn’t always about organizing, you have to be free about your ideas. I call this “Blind Cite Thinking”. Basically you get a piece of paper, and anything that you came across during the day that relates to your project, jot it down. You can do this once, twice a day or more, but thats the idea of “Blind Cite Thinking”, random ideas that you’ve thought about that even a blind man can do =).


Do this for a month or two or even longer for a more efficient developed project, and I promise that if you write a few ideas a day for your project and the way you conduct the ideas will help you take these pen and paper ideas into the real programming scene. Also don’t ever be afraid to edit your ideas, thats the point of an idea, its just an idea and you can always make that idea better. Don’t erase, just put side notes under or above the current idea, thats why I always leave space.

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