Loic Le Meur Talks Apps, Income

It’s possible for the developer of an iPhone game to hit it big and make enough money to retire.  We’ve talked about acquisitions, too.  But many other outcomes are more likely, and so Loic Le Meur recently took a few minutes to discuss the odds of any developer knocking it out of the park in a financial sense.

Le Meur, the founder of Seesmic who’s very well known in certain online circles, doesn’t think the average game developer should quite his or her day job anytime soon.  After looking at a couple different stats, he instead concluded that the market just isn’t mature at the moment.

Le Meur wrote, “If you are a developer or dreaming about making millions building apps the future is very exciting but the real revenue that can be generated right now will likely be very disappointing.  Few apps can really breakeven their development cost for the time being with very few big bucks winners.”

Seesmic’s founder also wrote, “The net is that behind the buzz, it’s really difficult to get traction in crowded appstores with high download numbers, generate revenue from paid apps and the advertising revenues are still in their infancy.”

But optimists can take note of what he said with regards to the future, anyway, and Le Meur encouraged people to prove that he’s wrong, as well.

By Doug Caverly

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