Keeping A Central Design Theme is Key For Business Recognition

The online presence of your business is more than just simply having a website and keeping up with basic SEO tactics. With the emergence of mobile internet, social media, local search it’s more vital now than before to have strong brand recognition. Whether someone is checking your business out on Facebook, or visiting your business site directly, it’s up to you to make sure they’re receiving close to the same experience.

Depending on which social media portals, local directories, mobile design services you use (should be all of them), it can be easier or harder to maintain brand image. These days, it’s not uncommon for a business to have an online community manager who’s sole purpose is to keep a strong brand image on various online avenues. If you feel as though this is something you can handle yourself, then here are some tips and examples to help you in the endeavor.

Logo& Color Scheme Is Key: Your optimal position when establishing a presence in various places is obtaining a sense of familiarity. For instance, when you think of Nike, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? ‘The swoosh’. I guarantee if you visit Nike’s Facebook, Twitter, mobile page, and any other portals they appear on, you’ll see the swoosh. Also, more than likely you’ll notice a design theme for the various places where you have a wider array of options for design.

Nothing hurts a brand more than when people can’t feel established in what is being shown to them. So, keep your logo simple and direct. This will help when you have it posted all over the internet for potential clients to see. Also, keep your descriptions and themes simple. Designing websites and business related themes, is all about simplicity now. People want to be able to think quick, and react quick when regarding your business. When designing especially for social media, even being overly-simplistic can go along way.

Direct Connections Wherever Your Business Is Established: Connectivity is where you’ll find either success or disappointment with your business. People are going to find your website and service in a slew of different places. It’s vital that their connection to your business is kept as simple and as fast as possible. Nothing destroys a potential business contact faster than if they have a hard time getting to where they need to be. Remember this when making an update on Twitter; having a link back to your site never hurts.

A great way to get your brand out there, and keeping a good sense of connective-ness is creating an email newsletter. These can act as a central hub where you can provide a breadth of content, and allow for many opportunities for users to find your business. Include links to your social media accounts, providing valid content, and developing a stronger brand image through design are all options when developing a newsletter.

Having a cohesive center is a vital key to a site or business’ success that can be extremely intimidating when first diving into it. Just remember your consumer wants things simple and easy. Your design and theme should follow suit.

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By John Vinson

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