Jessical Biel Design Signature

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a signature with Jessica Biel for your fan forum or any forum for that case. So lets begin.

First make your document the size I chose was 375x125pixels.
Here is the stock image.

Now put the stock image onto the sig and lets begin.

First resize and move how you choose. Duplicate the layer, then desaturate it and add a Gaussian Blur

Then set he blurred layer to Lighten.

Duplicate the bottom layer and put one of the two in front of the one you just did a blur on.

Then add a Gaussian Blur.

Now merge all three layers.

Duplicate the layer then get out the Polygonal Lasso Tool and change the feather to 6px and roughly go over her.

Now hit delete.

Now we are going to add a effect that will change the whole background.

What we going to do is Filter>Distort>Glass and apply the following

And set that layer to Lighten.

Here is what mine looks like so far.

Now lets start adding more to the background, which is actually the first layer.

Apply the following.




Now duplicate the background layer and add this Gaussian Blur and set it to Linear Dodge afterwards.

The background for the most part is done.

Now go back to the layer that has the pic of Jessica and apply the following.

Brightness Contrast


Now we are going to sharpen her face.

Now make a new layer over all the previous layers. And pick the Elliptical Marquee Tool and add this.

And fill it with white, and set the opacity to 10%

Now lets add the text.

Find a font that you want to use this or use one that you already have.

Add your text and add the following. But first set the text to Soft Light.
Drop Shadow

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay


And you are done.

Here is my final result.

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