Java: The Ups and Downs of 2010

Along with the new year comes many traditions. The silly glasses, various annoying noise makers and poppers, confetti, sparklers, and champagne (or whatever alcohol is readily available) are just a few of the many items that are often synonymous with new year celebrations. Equally connected to the new year are "Year in Review" articles. Like good little lemmings, we at DevWebPro have fallen in line with our own series of Year in Review articles, already having touched on ASP .NET’s 2010. Now it’s Java’s turn, and certainly 2010 was a significant year in Java’s history. With the help of James Surgrueon on, Alex Handy on, and Darryl Taft on Linux, we’ll review the big Java stories of 2010.

Right out of the gate in 2010, Java had a big news day when Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems. At the time of acquisition, many developers had already begun jumping off the sinking ship of Sun’s Java. However, with Oracle’s acquisition, many developers still clinging on for their lives saw light at the end of the tunnel. It didn’t take long for Oracle to patch up some of the holes, releasing roadmaps for Java’s future, including a 2011 release of Java 7.

Shortly after Oracle’s boarding, Java father James Gosling jumped ship. With Oracle fully at the the helm, not all things were smooth sailing. The ominous clouds foreshadowed Apache’s eventual departure from the JCP. Oracle also took a somewhat questionable move in using the Java ship to sue Google over the Android operating system.

These key stories have setup a very interesting 2011 for Java. What will happen with Java 7? What about Apache? Post your predictions for Java in 2011 in the comments here, and we’ll be sure to give you credit for great predictions when we recap 2011.

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By Michael Marr

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