Is COOL-ER Cooler than the Amazon Kindle?

British start-up, Interead, showed off a product at CES 2010 which looks to compete with the e-reader Amazon Kindle. It’s called COOL-ER, and was introduced to WebProNew’s Abby Johnson by Interead Marketing Director, Phil Wood.

Upon release, there will be two versions of COOL-ER. First, is the COOL-ER Compact which has a 6″ screen with 2GB of memory. Secondly, the COOL-ER Connect, sporting a 7″ screen and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Wood explains some of the benefits of COOL-ER when comparing it to the Kindle. He claims the e-books presented on Interead’s website are at least 20% less than the retail price. He also states the Interead e-book library is housing 2 million e-books.

The COOL-ER is expected to release sometime at the end of Q1, and will retail for $249.00.

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