iPhone OS 4.0's Rumored Features

It shouldn’t be long now before Apple unveils some official details about iPhone OS 4.0, but if you’re looking for advance news about what might be announced this Thursday, a list of several things that are likely to be involved has been compiled.

First up, according to Kevin C. Tofel, is multitasking, at least on the iPad.  This would help make the iPad more of a netbook/laptop replacement, and if the iPhone gets the ability to run apps in the background, help it compete with Android devices.

Next is the simple matter of making things look better onscreen with support for higher resolutions.  Support for a second camera may be introduced, too, for the sake of allowing video chats.

Then, users and developers may benefit from improved voice-to-text features and music storage in the cloud.

All in all, Apple’s press event this Thursday could turn out to be pretty exciting.

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By Doug Caverly

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