iPhone Apps You Need To Download

Notice in the title of the article I didn’t say “want”, or “desire”. That’s because you really do need these iPhone Apps. Trust me, once you have them downloaded you’ll never know how you got along without them.

Here is a list of of those apps:

QuickVoice Recorder: Having the ability to make quick voice recordings is such a convenience. Up until this app, you had to carry around a digital voice recorder that would take up valuable pocket space.

If you download the extra PC software with QuickVoice, you can also have the option of transferring your recorded audio files to your PC.

SportsTap: SportsTap is the best free way to keep up with sports scores on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I’m pretty sure every professional sport in the entire world is available through SportsTap. There’s detailed box scores with player stats, and in-depth season statistics.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and happen to be a sports nut, then this app is a definite must.

WritingPad: Taking notes, and sending emails is really nothing new if you use the iPhone, or iPod Touch. Writing Pad does all of those things, only with a little twist. Instead of using key inputs, you draw the shape of letters.

Some people aren’t the fastest typers in the world, so this is a cool app to make writing things out a little easier.

Pandora Radio: If you’ve never visited Pandora, you’ve really got to check it out. It’s pretty much a personalized radio station that you listen to over your computer. You don’t get to hand pick songs, but you put in an artist or song and it will feed back similar artists and tunes. With Pandora Radio, you can experience this same thing on your iPhone. I’ve found Pandora to be a great way to find new music you’ve never heard, and discover new bands.

fring: Instant Messaging has now become a very common way for people to keep in touch with one another. fring is a great instant messenger to have because it encompasses all of the popular instant messaging services (AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN, Skype).

Another cool feature with fring is the ability for VoIP communication. So, if you have an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone you can use it as a phone over a WiFi connection.

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