iPhone App Games You Need To Download

A few months ago we looked at some iPhone apps that you should download, if you didn’t already have them. Now, here’s a list of iPhone games that you should take a look at. As the popularity of the App Store rises, so does the amount and quality of the games that are being released.


FieldRunners: With the release of FieldRunners, Subatomic Studios proved that you could release a game on the iPhone with some stellar graphics. When you load up FieldRunners, the first thing you’ll notice is a very well stylized game that sports some impressive technical graphics as well.

The gameplay is very simple, and if you’ve ever played a tower defense game before you’ll know what you’re getting into with FieldRunners. Basically, you build defensive structures to keep enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters from entering your base.

FieldRunners App Page – $2.99


iDracula: Like FieldRunners, iDracula sticks to a formula that you’ve probably seen before. Specifically if you’ve ever play old school arcade shooters. iDracula takes that formula and adds a nice polish of shine to it. The idea behind iDracula is survival. You’ll be using both thumbs, your left one to navigate, and your right to fire in whatever direction you’re pressing. It’s painfully addictive, as you’ll keep wanting to see how far you can get.

iDracula App Page – $2.99


Oregon Trail: Ok, if you’re reading this and never played the original Oregon Trail back on Mac/PC then definitely download this game. If you enjoyed Oregon Trail back in the early days, when it was the one game you got to play at school…then still download this game. The charm, and fun that was found all those years ago in the original Oregon Trail have made their way to the iPhone.

You’ll battle your way through all the hardships that settlers moving west did. You’ll battle dysentary, bandits, road hazards all the while trying to pave your way west. There are 8 mini games that you’ll utilize the iPhone for, hunting, fishing, rafting and so on. The game is chock full of all kinds of elements to lose yourself in.

Oregon Trail App Page – $5.99

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