iPad Apps Valuable To Devs

Developers on average can earn five times more from iPad apps than they can for iPhone apps, according to a new study by mobile ad network Mobclix.

The time spent by iPad users on their gaming apps is three times higher (about 10 minutes more) than iPhone users on the same app.

Out of the 295,488 iPhone apps currently available on the App Store, 284,989 apps are compatible on the iPad (as of 6/23).

Compared to standard display banner ads on the iPad, rich media video ads have click-through rates that are 11 times higher.

“It comes as no surprise that gamers tend to spend more time on the iPad versions of their gaming apps — as much as three times more. This is because the iPad is better suited for gamers than the iPhone with its larger screen and enhanced accelerometer,” says Krishna Subramanian, Mobclix Co-founder.

“As a result, gaming apps are more appealing to advertisers looking to increase their conversion rates. In turn, iPad games have become much more lucrative for developers than their iPhone counterparts, commanding eCPMs that are five times higher.

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By Mike Sachoff

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