Intel Develops 'WiDi' For Simple Laptop-HDTV Connection

Technically, you can connect your laptop to your television but it requires cables and cords that many people can’t stand. Intel has developed a Wireless Display technology (WiDi) which allows for a more simple connection process. They displayed this tech at CES 2010, and WebProNews was there to check it out.

The WiDi connection requires a laptop powered by Intel’s ‘Core’ processor. They’ve partnered with Netgear, who’ve developed the Netgear Push2TV adapter. The adapter simply plugs into a TV via HDMI or AV; it then relays a signal from the laptop and presents it on any TV display.

Intel’s WiDi is available now on Best Buy’s Blue Label laptops, all of which come bundled with the Netgear Push2TV adapter. Prices start at $899 and range up to $1,099.

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