Intel and Cineform Partner Up To Bring 3D Video Editing To Consumers

3D video has caught on this past year with hits like Up and Avatar. Upon the heels of the technologies that made those movies possible, is Intel and Cineform who’s bringing those capabilities to consumers.

The process for creating 3D movies is relatively simple. Two cameras are setup on a single tripod, and record parallel streams which are then combined later using the Cineform Silicon software.

Upon the combination of the two streams, a Quicktime file is created which can be viewed on screens with the polarized glasses most have become familiar with.

Intel’s side of the partnership comes by way of the Core i7 Processor. To run Cineform’s 3D capabilities, a massive amount of horsepower is required. The processor is able to handle the hardware loads created by the 3D images and editing.

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