Integrate Your Various Apps With Slacks Newly Added Features

Slack has been getting a lot of big improvements over the past month or so. In July, it got an adjustment that made it better for communication. Then, earlier this month, Slack announced the ability to direct email to channels.

Now, the company has introduced a new “Add to Slack” button that will appear in apps and on sites to let users have notifications or emails sent automatically to Slack. When the button is clicked, it takes you to an authentication page where you can pick the Slack team you want to integrate with the service and which channel it will be fed into.

“As much fun as Slack is, it’s even better when you plug other applications into it,” Slack says in a blog post. “Our integrations page lists over 80 applications custom tailored to interact with Slack, and beyond that list we have thousands of developers using our API to build custom applications. But to date there has been a problem sharing custom apps for Slack—getting a copy of someone’s code, spinning up a server, and configuring incoming and outgoing webhooks is tedious and a lot of work. Today we’re taking the first step towards making it easier by debuting a streamlined way to share the custom integrations developers have written.”

Launch partners include Nuzzel, Breaking News, InVision, Wake, 99Designs, Zeplin, Box, HelloSign, Airtable, Intercom, Launchkit, Lever, and Cronitor. Slack discusses how some of these are using the button in the announcement.

“The Add to Slack feature isn’t limited to just our launch partners,” Slack says. “If you run a service or app that periodically sends notifications, or you’d like users to share their work directly into Slack without leaving your app, chances are you could easily make use of this feature.”

Developers can find documentation for the feature here.

Images via Slack

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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