Inglourious Desktop

Here we’re going to learn how to take a screencap of Inglourious Basterds, or any other movie for that matter, and make a stylish desktop wallpaper out if it.

This is the original screencap of Eli Roth and Brad Pitt. Already looking pretty hardcore.

This is how the image looks after cutting out the background. It was cut out using the various Lasso Tools.

Image>Adjustments>Desaturate to take the figures to grayscale. And Image>Adjustmnets>Brightness/Contrast at theses settings.

This layer was right-clicked in the Layers window and duplicated. Filter>Texture>Grain. I used the Contrasty grain and pulled the opacity of this layer down a bit to reveal the original beneath.

There are some wicked splatter brushes by VexingArt. Once you have them downloaded click on the Brush Tool, then brush shape and look for the load button and select “Load Brushes…” Some splotches and splatters were painted to taste.

The blood layer was then duplicated and set to Linear Light in the blending mode drop down menu in the Layers panel.

Here’s a pic of the logo that was worked into the wallpaper composition.

Ctrl+L was pressed to get the Levels window up and the settings were slid to the left like so.

Ctrl+I inversed the image values and then the whole thing was desaturated.

Ctrl+T to transform and rotate/scale. The blending mode was set to Screen to make the black transparent and the typography visible.

At this point some typography was placed behind the subjects. The infamous quote “The Germans will be sickened by us” was typed and rotated. On a new layer above it some more splatters were painted on. The type layer was made active and then the magic wand was used to select the space outside of the letters. The new splatter layer was then made active and the current selection was deleted.

The new splatter layer was double-clicked in the layers panel and the color overlay option was chosen for color to match the front. And on a newlayer behind this is a radial gradient from white to gray. This layer’s blending mode was set to Linear Light.

The text and new blood layer was combined and then transformed. If you press Ctrl+T to transform and then hold down Ctrl you can click and drag the corners to skew perspective. I pinched the top corners to make it look like it continued the angle looking up at Eli and Brad.

This is a cool concrete texture I found that was used to give the image some WW2 grit. I placed it behind the gradient layer. It shows through since the gradient had been set to Linear Light.

You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business.
And cousin, Business is a-boomin’.

Click for the wallpaper in HD

By Mark Rivera

Mark is an animator and ad designer for WebProNews. He has a passion for illustration and 3D art.

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