Infinite Screenshots in a Monitor Paradox

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial which will show you how to put a screenshot over a monitor which is tilted at a different angle. Inside the monitor, we’re going to put a screenshot of the monitor with the screenshot of the monitor, etc etc.

To start off, open your monitor picture in Photoshop and then hit PRINT SCREEN to take a picture of your desktop. Now, go to Edit > Paste to paste a copy of your screenshot in your document. We’ll use Edit > Transform > Scale to reduce the size of the screenshot to something a bit closer to your monitor picture’s size. We’ll then right click on the screenshot layer and choose Duplicate Layer. You should have two copies of your shrinking screenshot at this point.

Next, we’ll use the Edit > Transform > Distort tool to line up the edges of our second screenshot, inside the tiny monitor on our first screenshot. Once that’s done, let’s group the two screenshots together, convert to a smart object, and rasterize them. Finally, we’ll repeat the same Distort function on the big picture of the monitor. To finalize everything, use the paint tool with a white brush to add the illusion that there’s even more layers in the additional, super small monitors.

And that about does it. Of course, this technique can be used for a lot more than just screenshots. It can be applied to placing images on boxes. A great example is taking a photograph of a billboard, making your own custom image, and then using the Edit > Transform > Distort tool in order to make it look like your image is what belonged on the billboard. You can also use the Distort tool to fix prospective problems, add windows onto walls, etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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