Industrial Panel

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create this industrial styled panel, great for gaming website templates!
industrial panel tutorial result
Let’s get started.


First create a new document and make a background that will match the panel. I used a dark grey background with a few nice effects.
background grey


Create a new layer for the start of the panel.
After you created the new layer, make a rather crooked selection with the Polygonal Lasso Tool.
polygonal lasso tool
This is the selection I made:
Fill your selection with a lighter grey than the background, I used #454545.
filled with grey


Go into the Blending Options for the main panel layer and apply the following layer styles:
Outer Glow
Outer Glow
Gradient Overlay
Pattern Overlay (Download the pattern from here)
You should have a result like this:
after applying layer styles

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