Indie Game Developer Tips Published

“How To”s are very often useful.  True, given the difficulty of the task addressed, it’s often something you could figure out on your own (you won’t find many “How To Conduct A Manned Mission To Mars” manuals, for example).  But a new “How To Become An Indie Developer In Eight Steps” guide could prove handy.

We’ll leave the details to Keith Stuart and all of the experts he interviewed.  Basically, start by not buying expensive stuff and not getting overambitious with your goals.  Cheap equipment and software works fine, and you don’t want to dedicate five years to your very first game.

Then, Stuart recommends that you “construct the game properly,” “stay focused,” and “make it accessible.”  “Become a distributor,” too, for the sake of promoting your game and maintaining some control over who gets it and how.

Finally, to both spread the word about your own creations and learn what other people are up to, Stuart suggests that indie game developers “get out, get noticed, and get playing.”  A little networking can go a long way.

By Doug Caverly

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