Increasing Your Site’s Search Indexation

In the past we have talked about the importances of having your pages indexed quickly by Google. This will help your website getting ranked by the major search engines, and it will help your business. If nobody can find your business online, then you better do more cold calling to spread your presences.

The basics of getting or creating a link is use HTML codes.

The spider bots from search engines will read the html code that looks like this – <a href=””>German Auto Repairs</a> in the backend.

On the front end it looks like this German Auto Repairs. When you click on the highlighted words, you will be hyperlinked to the web page.  This is straight forward use of this hypertext index or sometimes referred as anchor text.

If you’re using videos, you can’t put a link inside the actual embedded video, because its a flash file, but the embedded info that you put you can insert your code to link.

Can you see the anchor text? The text can be anything that you want, like carpet prices Seattle, or Seattle Carpets.

OK, moving on how do you know if the spider bots have indexed your web page with the links?  You can use a tool like “Crawl PHP” or just go to Google and type in the search box – “” –  Google will give you the cache indexed date and time. Looks like this:


By Jon Hines

Jon Hines is an SEO/SEM consultant that helps businesses become findable on the internet thru organic search, paid search, and social media since 04. Check out his site at Seattle SEO Services.

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