iMacros: Making Firefox Work for You

Assuming that you’re smarter than the average bear when it comes to computer savvy, allow me to introduce you to a Firefox add-on that saves time and simplifies life. It’s called iMacros, and once you start using this addition, you begin to wonder how you got along without it before.

You’re familiar with macros, a set of instructions that you input to applications to make common tasks, procedures, or functions go faster. iMacro takes the macro concept and puts it into Firefox. It is most helpful for doing those tasks that you find yourself doing repeatedly. Perhaps it would include those procedures that take several keystrokes, clicks, or logins. iMacros own blurb claims that “whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it.”

With four and a half-million downloads in less than two months of existence, it is evidently doing something right. The concept is simple, the macro reader saves each macro in simple txt files, with no need for advanced programming skills to edit, tweak, or fine-tune.

Here are some suggestions as to how you can use iMacros for speeding up the tedious.

Filling out forms

If you are anything like me, you find yourself filling out forms on a daily basis—those forms that have the typical fields like address, name, company name, telephone number, etc. Rather than waste precious time mindlessly entering in the data from rote memory, iMacro will execute the entirety of the form with flawless accuracy—saving you time and ensuring accuracy. One SEO professional uses iMacros form-filling prowess to perform dozens of registrations to social sites, saving him hours of time.

Password Memorization

The average computer user has more than 50 passwords to keep track of. That’s a lot of passwords. Some estimate that number may be as high as 100. If you make your living on the Internet, that number may be much higher still. We all have our favored ways of dealing with the passwords that slip dangerously out of our mind at the most inopportune moments, but no method is as foolproof or safe as iMacros. With secure encryption, iMacros takes all of your passwords and melts them into one master password which unlocks everything. Obviously, the seconds gained in multiple password entries a day really adds up. The greatest benefit, though, are the minutes (or hours) saved that you would otherwise lose by forgetting a password and having to navigate the painful “forgot password” option.


For those who engage in the testing of web apps, iMacro has distinguished itself as a positive tool. It contains simple commands that can accomplish rote testing tasks.

In addition, users enjoy macros like these:

  • Automatically downloading or uploading CSV files, PDFs, images, stock quote, etc.

  • Export of data to CSV files, extracting information, comparing prices, etc.

  • Getting response time for online store purchases

The list grows exponentially once one realizes the power that iMacros has. It is helpful for the average web surfer, but it is especially powerful for the in-depth intensive web worker.

iMacros is also available for Internet Explorer users.

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