iHome iP9 Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone and iPod Review

There are many factors to consider when looking for a dock for your iPod, or iPhone. There’s size, sound quality, price, and functionality.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the iHome iP9 Dual Alarm Clock Radio.

Here’s a list of features for the iHome iP9, and what you’ll receive in-box:


  • Dual alarms to wake at separate times to separate sources: iPhone/iPod, playlist, or AM/FM radio
  • Reson8 speaker chambers for astounding clarity, depth and power
  • Universal dock that charges your iPhone or iPod while it plays
  • Infrared remote to control volume, EQ, alarm functions, radio, and navigate basic iPod and iPhone music functions
  • 3D circuitry expands the sound field to enhance MP3 audio
  • Touch-wheel tuning, setting and volume controls
  • 12 radio presets (6 AM/ 6 FM)
  • Line in jack for connecting other audio sources, such as a computer or CD player

What’s In-Box

  • iHome iP9
  • Remote control
  • Universal voltage AC power adapter
  • Docking inserts to fit specific iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod nano models
  • AM antenna

What I Like: It’s easy to say that the iHome iP9 has alot going for it. Its compatibility with nearly every single generation of iPod, and iPhone is quite impressive. If you’re a collector of the different iPod generations, then you’ll be hard pressed to find one that won’t dock with the iHome iP9.

The Reason8 speakers have a great sound quality. For a dock of this size, and price I’m quite impressed, and there are few other docks I could recommend instead.

The Dual alarms is handy if you’re waking up at a different time then someone else you’re in the bed with. It goes along way in the “convenience” factor of the the iHome iP9.

What I Didn’t Like: Snooze only works with the radio, not docked iPod or iPhone

Bottom Line: The iHome iP9 is one of the best deals you’ll find for an iPod docking system. It might not have the quality, or brand name of other docking stations but it costs less as well. If your searching for the most bang for your buck, then the iHome iP9 is a perfect choice.

There’s nothing like waking up to the Rocky Theme Song to get you pumped up in the morning.

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