iHome iHM2B Portable Speaker System

The worth of the iHome iHM2B is all dependent on just how ‘portable’, you need your iPod dock to be. If you’re looking for a device that you can take anywhere, while taking up little space then this is definitely you’re iPod dock.


– Line-in jack compatible with all iPods, and CD Players

– DC Jack

– Sliding tray for placement of iPod

– Operates solely on 4 AA batteries

What’s In Box:

– iHome iHM2B

– Stereo Cord

What I Like: Like I mentioned before, you’ll like the iHM2B based mostly on how much you’ll be moving it around. If you’re someone who doesn’t like earphones, or earbuds but wants a portable way to listen to your music then this is a great product.

It’s very light, and is compact. I’d says it’s about the size of a Playstation controller if that gives you an idea of how it feels in your hands. The slide out holder for the iPod makes for easy access if you’re wanting to skip songs, or what have you.

What I Don’t Like: I’d say the biggest negative about the iHM2B is the lack of power options. You have to keep feeding batteries into it to keep it powered at all times. When you’re transporting it around, it’s more convenient. However, if you’re leaving stationary and next to an outlet it would be nice to be able to plug it in to keep it powered.

The speaker quality is decent for something its size, but you’ll be sacrificing good sound for portability. It’s not that I expect anything more out of the iHM2B. I’m just warning you that you’ll be giving up superb sound quality if you use a larger sound system.

Bottom Line: I believe that the iHM2B is a great deal if you can find it in the $20-$25 price range. The portability, and simple design make it a worth while dock. It’s just important to realize what you’re getting if you do buy iHM2B. Don’t expect to be blown away by the speakers, and make sure you have a steady supply of batteries available if you listen to it a lot.

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