Icy Text Effect – Quick

Icy Text Effect

That is what you’ll be creating in this tutorial. This tutorial requires you to have a basic knowledge of where most of the functions are located in photoshop and a basic knowledge of the tool set.

This effect can look very good in the right circumstances! Its vital that you know how to create it.

1. Create a new document 400, 150 pixels. Set the background to black.

2. Select the text tool, set the font to Impact. Size: 12pt

3. Type what ever text you want, make sure its white.

4. Select the layer then go to Layer > Rasterize > Type

5. Right click on the rasterized text layer and select Merge Down.

6. Go to Filter > Pixelate > Crystalize.

7. Set the value to 3 and click ok

8. Now go to Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur, set the value to 1.

9. A] CTRL + Click the picture box in on the layer. On each layer there is a little view box of what the layer contains, example:

First hold CTRL and then LEFT click on the picture box.

B] Press M for the transform tool or select it manually, right click on the selected area and press “Free Transform”

10. Right click on the text again and select Rotate 90 CW.

11. Now exit transform mode and save changes. Go to Filter > Stylize > Wind

12. Press ok, repeat step 9 and 10. Rotate it 90 CWW.

13. Add a new adjustment layer > hue/saturation. Check colorize and set the color you want!

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