Hypermac Adds Length To Battery Life

External Battery company, Hypermac showed off new products which look to extend battery life for many Apple products. The company has released external batteries for MacBook lines before, but are looking to expand.

At CES 2010, the company introduced new products designed especially for the iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch. The new line comes in three various sizes – the Nano, the Micro, and the Mini. They will come in 9 different colors and be available for purchase in March.

The first device, the Hypermac Nano, is designed to exclusively charge the iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch and will retail for $39.99.

The Hypermac Micro is the next largest in the line, and will be able to charge any device with a USB port. At release, the device will cost $59.99.

The final product shown off at CES 2010, was the HyperMac Mini. This is the largest of the products in the new line and will cost $79.99.

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