Hungry for Chocolate? Make some!

Turn a regular photo into a dripping chocolate work of art!

Open your original image:

Delete background from image. I used the magic wand tool for this.

Next desaturate your image.

Control click your image to select it. Pick a brown color and go to Edit > Fill:

You should have this:

Use your Blur Tool just a tad to make it look a little less refined.

Ok now make some drips of chocolate with your smudge tool and paintbrush tool. Here was my first one:

I added more drops.

Now add these effects:

Drop Shadow:


Satin: (Normally I skip the satin but it made it darker which I thought looked better)

Next we are going to add some text.

The text I used was VictorianD. And I added a drop shadow.

Then, I added a few extra drops to the text and surrounding areas.

I also added a stroke to the whole thing:

Thats it!

I liked seeing what it would look like on different backgrounds as well.

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