Hundreds Of iPad Apps Identified

Although Apple hasn’t exactly approved this sneak peek, iPad developers can now inspect their competition.  A video showing about 700 new iPad-specific apps is on the loose, and a database lists a whopping 1,350 or so titles, too.

As you might expect, there’s all sorts of stuff out there, including Twitter-related apps, games, and news apps.  This is a very impressive collection, signaling strong support for the iPad right from the get-go.

That’s going to make it tougher for developers to make their apps stand out, of course, but on the bright side, speaks to a high degree of confidence that lots and lots of people will buy iPads and use apps in the first place.

The can’t-miss-it-product-placement in last night’s episode of Modern Family will likely contribute to a few iPad sales, too, even if it was a bit much for a half-hour comedy.

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By Doug Caverly

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