HP Centralizes File Access With MediaSmart Home Server

CES 2010 has been a big show for Intel, showing a wide array of products on the floor. The latest WebProNews video shows off the HP MediaSmart Home Server, which promises to streamline file access for the home and abroad.

Steve Murtha explains the three pillar aspect of the MediaSmart Home Server; protection, sharing, and remote access. The server runs on the Microsoft Home Server OS, and works coherently with the iCore processors.

The HP MediaSmart’s first pillar of value is protection. The server will backup a maximum of 10 PCs or notebooks. Along with physical storage, the server is backed up through the cloud.

Secondly, the MediaSmart Server can be used for sharing in the home. The server streams files from the connected computer to devices on the same network.

Finally, MediaSmart can be remotely accessed through Microsoft’s Home Server service. You simply type in the URL for the server, and can access files from anywhere with internet access.

The device is now available at $299.

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