How to Make Roller Skate Car

Example of tutorial

Are you one of those people that lie awake at night wondering what a roller skate car would look like? Yeah, I thought so… Well your in luck as this is the knowledge that is about to be dropped on you.

1.) Open up your image of a car

2.) Set your pen tool to “Trace” and select the curve of the front fender… be sure to flatten out the bottom, to seal up the fender.

3.) Once your selection is closed, simply right click inside and choose “make selection…” and hit enter. You should see the marching ants.

4.) Select your brush tool (B) and paint out the fender. Be sure to keep hitting (I) to use the eyedropper to get the appropriate colors.

5.) Now that you have the front fender closed up… work on getting rid of the two tires. You can achieve this by use the clone stamp tool (S) and select an area near and just replicate the ground cover.

6.) With your pen tool still set to “Trace Mode”… begin tracing the car. After you have the car selected and cut out… begin cutting out the windows… since your background will be changing as well.

7.) Delete the old background. Leaving you with the following.

8.) Open your picture of the roller skate. Do the same as you did with the car… select the bottom part of the skate and open/drag it over to your car window.

9.) Place the car body layer above the skate bottom layer. Resize the car body / skate bottom accordingly to until you have something like the following.

10.) Choose a new background image… and your all done. You can add extras to your image… I’ve added a shadow to the bottom part.

By Jeremy Muncy

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