How To Create A Windows 7 Wallpaper

I was aksed in a previous comments to make a wallpaper that was 1680×1050. Since I recently upgraded to windows 7 I figured I would make one in the resolution I was asked. So let’s begin.

Open a new document that is 1680×1050. Fill the base layer with black. Now add a gradient overlay. Set the start color to #0a1f3a and the end color to #133855.

Next download Asset01 here. Add it to our document and scale it to fit in the document. The this part does not have to be porportionate so make it fit snuggly inside. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Blur this layer about 5 – 10 pixels. Then Grab you magic wand tool with a tolerance of 50. Next make a selection of the white area and copy it to a new layer. hide this layer. Then set the second to hard light and the fill to 50%.

Now make you hidden layer visible again. Not add a Gaussian Blur to it as well. Only this time make the blur 60 – 70 pixels. Then set the layer to luminosity.

Using your rectangular marquee tool Make a selection of the bottom of the wallpaper starting at 840. Fill the selection with black. Set this layer fill to 0 and add a White to Transparent gradient. Set the gradient blend to overlay and the opacity to 20%.

Now using your pen tool make 4 arching lines on the right hand side. Since this section is more abstract in nature make the lines anyway you like that looks good to you. Then select your brush tool and select the 1 pixel brush. Then go back to your pent tool and right click in the walpaper and select strock path. Make sure Simulate pressure IS selected. Set this layer to overlay.

Duplicate the layer and add a 5 pixel gaussian blur. Set the layer fill to 30% and the Blend to Vivid Light. Then move the layer over 10 – 20 pixels.

Duplicate the layer. Blur the layer another 5 pixels.

No duplicate the first pen layer 3 time, blur each 15 pixels. Set the top one to 70% fill, the second to 50%, and the last to 30%.

Make a new layer. Select the Single Row marquee tool and make a selection at the top of our white gradient layer. Fill the selection with white. Then go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 90° CC. Now go to Image > Canvas Size and chage the height to 2000 this will not bother our end result, we are just doing this so we edit the whole line at once. Now go to Filter > Stylize > Wind… . Select Blast from the Right first and hit OK. Then hit CTRL+F 7 times. Again go to Filter > Stylize > Wind… . This time select Wind from the Right. Again duplicate it 7 times. Finally go back to the wind filter and select stagger and hit OK. Now rotate this back so the tallest side is facing up. Now duplicate this layer and hide it. Next one the visible layer add a 30 pixel gaussian blur. Set the layer to 50% and the style to overlay.

Make a selection of the visible layer. Then go to Selection > Modify > Contract 10px and hit OK. Then copy the selection to a new layer.

Follow the last step again on the new layer.

Now unhide the hiden layer and set it to overlay. And you are done.

Here is my final version. Send me a comment to you version and I will post it here.

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