How To Create A Jack-o-Lantern Template

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I dig the customes and mischief of the holiday. I also really enjoy Carved Pumpkins. So this weeks tutorial will show you how to create jack-o-lantern templates for your pumpkin.

Start by finding an image you want to use or images. I chose Yoshi and an M&M. But you can pick what ever you like.

I decided since I wanted to be more accurate so I made this in Illustrator but you and create it in PhotoShop as well. Begin by opening a new document at 1200×1200. Then Paste your image and set the layer fill to 50% in PhotoShop or double click the layer and set it as a template.

Next grab your pen tool and trace around the subject you want to use. when you have it completed set the fill to black and the stroke to transparent. Black color means that none of the pumpkin is removed.

Now choose the next detail in your image you wish to carve out. This time we will use a dark gray color. This will show only the outer skin and every little of the meat is removed. Trace out those area you chose and set the fill to a dark grey and the stroke to transparent.

Next we need to create the light grey section that will have even more of the skin and meat removed. Once you decide which area you want to use as the light grey grab your pen tool. Trace out those area you chose and set the fill to a light grey and the stroke to transparent.

Then decide which setion of your design you want all the skin and meat removed from. Taking your pen tool trace out these section and set the fill to white.

Lastly add your directions so it can be used by others. And you are finished! ^.^

What did you come up with. send me a link and I will post it here under the user submitted section

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